Our Services

New Homes

Looking to launch a journey into the world of building your own home? We have the specialists to ensure smooth sailing from council and design stages, to construction and completion.


Is your current house not big enough? Is your family expanding at a rapid rate? Abstract projects can provide you with that extension to solve all your problems. Well designed and delivered on time and within budget, we have the solution to that growing problem. Abstract Projects can give your house that much anticipated face lift. Revamp your old house to become as fresh and modern as you can imagine.

Granny Flats

These days, a granny flat is fast becoming a necessity. A cosy hideaway for singles or that newly married couple trying to get a kick-start in life. We understand your prospects and can build it in tune with your existing house, so they will complement each other.

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We also specialise in building units for residents. Either With many years experience in the multi-storey residential sector, we have the knowledge, drive and resources to be the solution to all your units needs. Small or large, we will deliver a high quality project on time and within budget.